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41 Meters: Full Details

Reception varies by region; normally reasonably good night reception, but few transmitters in this band are targeted to North America.

According to the WRC-03 Decisions on HF broadcasting, in Region 1 and 3, the portion of 7100 to 7200 kHz will be turned to an amateur radio band and there will be new broadcasting portions in all regions, 7350 to 7400 kHz newly allocated; in Region 1 and 3, 7400 to 7450 kHz allocated. This decision will be effective on March 29, 2009. Broadcasters can use this frequency range on a (NIB) non-interference basis only.

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UP DN Frequency Callsign/Station Short Info Location Randomize
Repeater 7.330.000 China Radio International Power: 500 Xian, China [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info China Radio International located in Xian, China operating on 7330 Khz.
Repeater 7.430.000 IBB Power: 250 kW Thailand [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info International Broadcasting Bureauu (International Broadcasting Bureauu) broadcasting on 7430 kHz between 1600 UTC to 1700 UTC from , Thailand!
Repeater 7.540.000 NEW Power: 100 kW Duchanbe, Tajikistan [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info For new organization (TV Radio Wave) broadcasting on 7540 kHz between 1100 UTC to 1200 UTC from Duchanbe, Tajikistan!
Repeater 7.315.000 WHRI (Le Sea Broadcasting) Power: 250 Furman, SC, United States [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WHRI (Le Sea Broadcasting) located in Furman, SC, United States operating on 7315 Khz.
Repeater 7.705.000 ERA Power: 250 kW Delano, CA, United States [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Voice of Greece (The Voice of Greece) broadcasting on 7705 kHz between 0600 UTC to 0800 UTC from Delano, CA, United States!
Repeater 7.700.000 NEW Power: 500 kW Rampisham, United Kingdom [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info For new organization (VT Merlin Communications Ltd.) broadcasting on 7700 kHz between 1200 UTC to 1800 UTC from Rampisham, United Kingdom!
Repeater 7.310.000 Chinese Jammer Power: Unk Unknown, China [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Chinese Jammer located in Unknown, China operating on 7310 Khz.
Repeater 7.625.000 CNR Power: 100 kW Beijing, China [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info China National Radio (R & T of Peoples Republic of Chinna) broadcasting on 7625 kHz between 0000 UTC to 1200 UTC from Beijing, China!
Repeater 7.355.000 NLS Power: 100 kW Anchor Point, Alaska, United States [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info World Christian Broadcasting Corpporation (Federal Communications Commissionn) broadcasting on 7355 kHz between 0900 UTC to 1000 UTC from Anchor Point, Alaska, United States!
Repeater 7.355.000 KNLS (World Christian Brodcasting Corp.) Power: 100 Anchor Point, AK, United States [41 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info KNLS (World Christian Brodcasting Corp.) located in Anchor Point, AK, United States operating on 7355 Khz.

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