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15 Meters (21 Mhz through 21.45 Mhz)

The 15 meter or 21 MHz band is a core amateur radio frequency band, which spans 21 to 21.45 MHz and is allocated to radio amateurs as primary users worldwide. 15 meters is considered a DX band, most useful for inter-continental communication during daylight hours, especially in years close to the solar maximum, since the 15 meter wavelength propagates primarily via reflection by the F-2 layer.

Because the frequency is the third harmonic of the 40 meter amateur band, it is possible to obtain a close impedance match using an antenna cut for 40 meters on 15 meters, as well. Usually, though, users of the 15 meter band employ rotatable, multi-element directional antennas such as a Yagi antenna or Quad antenna to improve their communications with the particular area of the world they wish to reach.

Band Charts are for general information, please check your local band plan for operating privlages. For example; ARRL Band Plan or RSGB Band Plan.

Featured Frequencies

!! 443.600.000 W6MOW Salinas, CA
W6MOW Repeater located in Salinas, CA, United States operating on 443.6000 Mhz.
!! 147.180.000 W6WLS Felton, CA
W6WLS Repeater located in Felton, CA, United States operating on 147.1800 Mhz.
!! 927.900.000 N6TBQ Seaside, CA
N6TBQ Repeater located in Seaside, CA, United States operating on 927.9000 Mhz.

Random Frequencies Display All

444.825.000 AB6MF Mt Shasta City, CA
6.185.000 IBB
4.905.000 PBS Xizang (CNR8) Lhasa
927.525.000 K6ZRX Santa Rosa, CA
4.450.000 R Estacion Frontera Cobija
11.840.000 Chinese Jammer Unknown
9.870.000 KBS World Radio Skelton
7.625.000 CNR Beijing
1.965.000 CRI Kashi
15.650.000 Deutsche Welle Kigali
1.460.000 WKAM Goshen, IN
1.290.000 WBTG Sheffield, AL
1.700.000 KKLF Richardson, TX
1.700.000 REE Noblejas
1.460.000 KHRA Honolulu, HI
7.800.000 RFI Issoudun
0.960.000 WHYL Carlisle, PA
1.450.000 KBPS Portland, OR
11.830.000 Bible Voice Jülich
1.440.000 WMAX Bay City, MI

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