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60 Meters: Full Details

Tropical bands, 120/90/60 meters are for broadcast use only in designated tropical areas of the world.

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UP DN Frequency Callsign/Station Short Info Location Randomize
Repeater 4.461.000 Radio Nor Andina Power: 1 Celendin, Peru [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio Nor Andina located in Celendin, Peru operating on 4461 Khz.
Repeater 4.472.000 Radio Movima Power: 1 Santa Ana del Yacum, Bolivia [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio Movima located in Santa Ana del Yacum, Bolivia operating on 4472 Khz.
Repeater 4.485.000 Radio Frecuencia Power: 1 Celendin, Peru [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio Frecuencia located in Celendin, Peru operating on 4485 Khz.
Repeater 4.545.000 R Virgen de los Remedios Power: 0.5 Tupiza, Bolivia [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info R Virgen de los Remedios located in Tupiza, Bolivia operating on 4545 Khz.
Repeater 4.557.000 Korean National Democratic Front Power: 15 Haeju, Korea, North [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Korean National Democratic Front located in Haeju, Korea, North operating on 4557 Khz.
Repeater 4.598.000 Radio Tropico Power: 1.5 Trinidad, Bolivia [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio Tropico located in Trinidad, Bolivia operating on 4598 Khz.
Repeater 4.600.000 Radio Perla del Acre Power: 0.2 Cobija, Bolivia [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio Perla del Acre located in Cobija, Bolivia operating on 4600 Khz.
Repeater 4.605.000 Radio Republik Indonesia Power: 1 Serui, Indonesia [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio Republik Indonesia located in Serui, Indonesia operating on 4605 Khz.
Repeater 4.620.000 Radio Espacial Power: 1 Otuzco, Peru [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio Espacial located in Otuzco, Peru operating on 4620 Khz.
Repeater 4.635.000 TDJ Power: 100 kW Duchanbe, Tajikistan [60 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info Radio of Tadjikistan (General Radio Frequency Centre) broadcasting on 4635 kHz between 1400 UTC to 1100 UTC from Duchanbe, Tajikistan!

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