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70 Centimeters: Full Details

Also refered to as 440. Frequency allocations vary by region. In the US & Australia the band ranges from 420 to 450 MHz; in Canada & the UK, the band is only 430 - 450 MHz with some geographical limitations.

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UP DN Frequency Callsign/Station Short Info Location Randomize
Repeater 443.600.000 W6MOW o110.9exI:3853 Salinas, CA, United States [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info W6MOW Repeater located in Salinas, CA, United States operating on 443.6000 Mhz.
Repeater 430.025.000 FZ2UHC Grid: JN19PF Soissons, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ2UHC Repeater located in Soissons, France operating on 430.0250 Mhz.
Repeater 430.025.000 FZ8UHK Grid: JN25KR Lyon, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ8UHK Repeater located in Lyon, France operating on 430.0250 Mhz.
Repeater 430.025.000 FZ9UHF Grid: JN23QJ Marseille, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ9UHF Repeater located in Marseille, France operating on 430.0250 Mhz.
Repeater 430.175.000 FZ4UHB Grid: IN95OX Rochefort, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ4UHB Repeater located in Rochefort, France operating on 430.1750 Mhz.
Repeater 430.200.000 FZ1UHA Grid: JN18CG Plessis Pate, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ1UHA Repeater located in Plessis Pate, France operating on 430.2000 Mhz.
Repeater 430.225.000 FZ5UHA Grid: JN13FK Mazamet, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ5UHA Repeater located in Mazamet, France operating on 430.2250 Mhz.
Repeater 430.225.000 FZ6UHF Grid: JN38UO Strasbourg, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ6UHF Repeater located in Strasbourg, France operating on 430.2250 Mhz.
Repeater 430.250.000 FZ3UAG Grid: IN97RL Angers, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ3UAG Repeater located in Angers, France operating on 430.2500 Mhz.
Repeater 430.263.000 FZ9UHD Grid: JN23XE Toulon, France [70 Centimeters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info FZ9UHD Repeater located in Toulon, France operating on 430.2630 Mhz.

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