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6 Meters: Full Details

6 meters is a popular amateur radio band. The mix of VHF and HF propagation characteristics has led to 6 Meters being called the "magic band" as communication can lead to great distances.

The frequency allocations vary by country. In the United States, and Canada, it ranges from 50 to 54 MHz. In United Kingdom, it ranges from 50 to 52 MHz, with some limitations at some frequencies. In some countries, the frequency range is used for television transmissions or local military uses.

In the northern hemisphere, 6 Meter activity is most common from May through August when sporadic E propagation becomes a regular occurrence. In the southern hemisphere, sporadic E propagation is most common from November through February.

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UP DN Frequency Callsign/Station Short Info Location Randomize
Repeater 50.720.000 GB3AE Tone: 94.8 Tenby, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3AE Repeater located in Tenby, United Kingdom (IO71PR) operating on 50.72 Mhz. Keeper is GW4AKZ.
Repeater 50.720.000 GB3BY Tone: 118.8 Bromsgrove, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3BY Repeater located in Bromsgrove, United Kingdom (IO82XH) operating on 50.72 Mhz. Keeper is G8OXG.
Repeater 50.720.000 GB3EF Tone: 110.9 Stowmarket, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3EF Repeater located in Stowmarket, United Kingdom (JO02NF) operating on 50.72 Mhz. Keeper is G8CJL.
Repeater 50.730.000 GB3SL Tone: 103.5 Kilsyth, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3SL Repeater located in Kilsyth, United Kingdom (IO75XX) operating on 50.73 Mhz. Keeper is GM4COX.
Repeater 50.740.000 GB3UM Tone: 77.0 Markfield Leics., United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3UM Repeater located in Markfield Leics., United Kingdom (IO92IQ) operating on 50.74 Mhz. Keeper is M1NAS.
Repeater 50.750.000 GB3GX Tone: 67.0 Banchory, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3GX Repeater located in Banchory, United Kingdom (IO87TA) operating on 50.75 Mhz. Keeper is GM8LMA.
Repeater 50.750.000 GB3LP Tone: 77.0 Liverpool, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3LP Repeater located in Liverpool, United Kingdom (IO83MK) operating on 50.75 Mhz. Keeper is M1SWB.
Repeater 50.750.000 GB3TQ Tone: 77.0 Paignton, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3TQ Repeater located in Paignton, United Kingdom (IO80FK) operating on 50.75 Mhz. Keeper is G0AZX.
Repeater 50.760.000 GB3HF Tone: 103.5 Hastings, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3HF Repeater located in Hastings, United Kingdom (JO00HV) operating on 50.76 Mhz. Keeper is G4KLF.
Repeater 50.770.000 GB3FH Tone: 77.0 Somerset, United Kingdom [6 Meters] [mapper] [stumbler]
info GB3FH Repeater located in Somerset, United Kingdom (IO81OH) operating on 50.77 Mhz. Keeper is G4RKY.

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