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Repeater 0.820.000 KCBF Power: 10.0 kW Fairbanks, AK, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info KCBF New Northwest Broadcasters, Llc broadcasting on 820 kHz from Fairbanks, AK, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 WMGG Power: 50.0 kW Largo, FL, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WMGG Mega Communications Of St. Petersburg Licensee broadcasting on 820 kHz from Largo, FL, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 WSWI Power: 0.25 kW Evansville, IN, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WSWI University Of Southern Indiana Board Of Trustees broadcasting on 820 kHz from Evansville, IN, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 WWWB Power: 4.3 kW Frederick, MD, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WWWB Bonneville Holding Company broadcasting on 820 kHz from Frederick, MD, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 WWLZ Power: 4.1 kW Horseheads, NY, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WWLZ Backyard Broadcasting Elmira Licensee, Llc broadcasting on 820 kHz from Horseheads, NY, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 WOSU Power: 5.0 kW Columbus, OH, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WOSU The Ohio State University broadcasting on 820 kHz from Columbus, OH, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 KORC Power: 1.0 kW Waldport, OR, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info KORC Larry D. And Margaret E. Profitt, A General Partnership broadcasting on 820 kHz from Waldport, OR, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 WWAM Power: 1.0 kW Jasper, TN, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WWAM Shelton Broadcasting System broadcasting on 820 kHz from Jasper, TN, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 WBAP Power: 50.0 kW Fort Worth, TX, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info WBAP Radio License Holding Iv, Llc broadcasting on 820 kHz from Fort Worth, TX, United States!
Repeater 0.820.000 KGNW Power: 50.0 kW Burien-seattle, WA, United States [AM Broadcast] [mapper] [stumbler]
info KGNW Inspiration Media, Inc. broadcasting on 820 kHz from Burien-seattle, WA, United States!

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