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30 Meters (10.1 Mhz through 10.15 Mhz)

The WARC bands are 3 HF frequency ranges used by licensed Amateur radio operators. They consist of 30 meters (10.100-10.150 MHz), 17 meters (18.068-18.168 MHz) and 12 meters (24.890-24.990 MHz). They were named after the World Administrative Radio Conference which in 1979 created a world wide allocation of these bands for amateur use. The bands were opened for use in the early 1980s. Due to their relatively small bandwidth of 100 kHz or less, there is a sort of Gentlemen's agreement that the WARC bands may not be used for general Contesting.

Band Charts are for general information, please check your local band plan for operating privlages. For example; ARRL Band Plan or RSGB Band Plan.

Featured Frequencies

!! 443.600.000 W6MOW Salinas, CA
W6MOW Repeater located in Salinas, CA, United States operating on 443.6000 Mhz.
!! 147.180.000 W6WLS Felton, CA
W6WLS Repeater located in Felton, CA, United States operating on 147.1800 Mhz.
!! 927.900.000 N6TBQ Seaside, CA
N6TBQ Repeater located in Seaside, CA, United States operating on 927.9000 Mhz.

Random Frequencies Display All

1.230.000 KBAR Burley, ID
0.640.000 KTIB Thibodaux, LA
1.650.000 KYHN Ft. Smith, AR
88.900.000 WRDL Ashland, OH
105.100.000 WKOL Plattsburgh, NY
98.100.000 WJJR Rutland, VT
91.500.000 WFMQ Lebanon, TN
0.580.000 WTAG Worcester, MA
99.500.000 KIIM-FM Tucson, AZ
88.700.000 KNAU Flagstaff, AZ
99.500.000 WVIQ Christiansted, VI
91.900.000 WJCH Joliet, IL
1.270.000 WRJC Mauston, WI
94.700.000 KSSJ Fair Oaks, CA
1.320.000 WDMJ Marquette, MI
97.500.000 WJXB-FM Knoxville, TN
94.900.000 WYNG Mount Carmel, IL
52.940.000 KG6HAT San Jose, CA
1.320.000 WTOW Washington, NC
1.490.000 KFFN Tucson, AZ

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