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AM Broadcast (520 Khz through 1800 Khz)

Also refered to as Medium Wave, AM broadcasting began with the first experiment in 1906 by Reginald Fessenden. Originally used for small-scale voice and music broadcasts until World War I. The first licensed commercial radio services in the 1920s. XWA of Montreal, Quebec (later CFCF) was the first commercial broadcaster in the world. The first licensed American radio station was started by Frank Conrad, KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During the "Golden Age of Radio" (1920s-1950s); dramas, comedy, news and music stations were licensed.

Band Charts are for general information, please check your local band plan for operating privlages. For example; ARRL Band Plan or RSGB Band Plan.

Featured Frequencies

!! 147.180.000 W6WLS Felton, CA
W6WLS Repeater located in Felton, CA, United States operating on 147.1800 Mhz.
!! 443.600.000 W6MOW Salinas, CA
W6MOW Repeater located in Salinas, CA, United States operating on 443.6000 Mhz.
!! 927.900.000 N6TBQ Seaside, CA
N6TBQ Repeater located in Seaside, CA, United States operating on 927.9000 Mhz.

Relative Frequencies (1 Mhz) Display All

0.710.000 WTPR Paris, TN
1.410.000 KTCS Fort Smith, AR
1.410.000 KBNP Portland, OR
1.640.000 VOR Novosibirsk
1.320.000 WTOW Washington, NC
1.600.000 WTZQ Hendersonville, NC
0.940.000 WCND Shelbyville, KY
0.730.000 WDOS Oneonta, NY
1.775.000 CRI Cerrik
1.170.000 WDFB Junction City, KY
1.500.000 KSTP St. Paul, MN
1.410.000 WHAG Halfway, MD
1.460.000 KRRS Santa Rosa, CA
1.560.000 WFSP Kingwood, WV
1.030.000 KFAY Farmington, AR
0.590.000 WVLK Lexington, KY
1.070.000 WMIA Arecibo, PR
1.660.000 RRS Novosibirsk
1.340.000 KOLE Port Arthur, TX
1.590.000 WFBR Glen Burnie, MD

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