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Long Wave (100 Khz through 520 Khz)

Long wave is used for radio broadcasting in Europe, Africa, Oceania and parts of Asia (ITU regions 1 and 3), and it is not allocated in the Western Hemisphere. In the United States and Canada, Bermuda and U.S. territories this band is mainly reserved for aeronautics navigational aids, though a small section of the band could theoretically be used for microbroadcasting under the United States Part 15 rules. Due to the propagation characteristics of long wave signals, the frequencies are used most effectively in latitudes north of 50°.

Band Charts are for general information, please check your local band plan for operating privlages. For example; ARRL Band Plan or RSGB Band Plan.

Featured Frequencies

!! 147.180.000 W6WLS Felton, CA
W6WLS Repeater located in Felton, CA, United States operating on 147.1800 Mhz.
!! 927.900.000 N6TBQ Seaside, CA
N6TBQ Repeater located in Seaside, CA, United States operating on 927.9000 Mhz.
!! 443.600.000 W6MOW Salinas, CA
W6MOW Repeater located in Salinas, CA, United States operating on 443.6000 Mhz.

Random Frequencies Display All

5.335.000 CRI Kashi
100.700.000 KMLO Lowry, SD
5.935.000 CNR Lhasa
1.240.000 WDDO Macon, GA
433.250.000 GB3AW Newbury
7.285.000 CRI Cerrik
7.155.000 CRI Cerrik
7.205.000 RRO Brasov
5.935.000 PBS Xizang Lhasa
9.535.000 IBB
9.765.000 CRI Kashi
6.200.000 PBS Xizang Lhasa
7.385.000 PBS Xizang (CNR8) Lhasa
1.995.000 RFI Issoudun
7.885.000 BBC Ascension
100.700.000 WEEC Springfield, OH
6.045.000 Hamburger Lokalradio Jülich
3.995.000 DWL Sines
99.100.000 KTMG Prescott, AZ
0.590.000 WDIZ Panama City, FL

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